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8 Hijab Tutorials Without Using Many Needles

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Have you ever wanted a simple hijab tutorial? Maybe you are a person who misses practicality, including in the context of hijab. Do not worry anymore, Seasonoutfit has collected various tutorials that you can try.

  1. Instead of using a needle, you can make your hijab tidy with a ring


First, put on a pashmina, then stick the rest up to the front. After that, insert each end of the pashmina in a ring about 5 cm in diameter. Then tidy the outstretched tip.

  1. Do not let the beautiful motifs of your pashmina hidden!


First, attach this pashmina to the head, then turn it backward. After that, choose pashmina tip on the edge. Do not forget to slip it into the cloth and pin with the pin.

  1. For formal events and going to parties, you do not have to wear big accessories on the head


First, attach the pashmina to the head, then pull the cross from the back. After that, turn the cloth over the head up to the ear, then pin the pin so that the bandage is not easily removed.

  1. How to install a beautiful hijab if there is no glass?


First, use the inner and attach the hijab. Brush the tip of the short section over the head. The long section you can wrap around the neck to reach the chest.

  1. Pashmina Two Colors Can You Use only With Three Needles Only


First, plug your inner ninja. Attach the pashmina so that a tip falls next to the right ear. Pin. The rest of the long-stretched cloth next to your head can be turned upwards to cover the chest. When done, attach a pin to the left ear.

  1. Are You Confused to Get Rid of Your Thin and Transparent Fabrics Hijab?


First, attach the cloth as usual and pin the cloth under your chin. Pair the pins over the ears, then pull the part back.

  1. Do You Want to look elegant without needing to justify hijab every 15 minutes?


First pairs of cloth in quarter sections. Then, attach the long side edges to the left ear. then, there’s still the rest of it right? Take the rest of the cloth longer, and place it on the top of the short cloth. Then, drag to the left and attach the tip to the back of the head.

  1. A quadrangle hijab can also be used to be a creation


First, you put the fabric in the middle, then take the part that stuck out in the back. After that take the bottom left edge of the cloth, then tuck on the right side. Rotate back, then tie it.

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