8 Beautiful Mix & Match for Red & White Clothes

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Mix and match red and white shirt is not always tacky or considered to cheat the color of the flag, it would be more fashionable if you know how to mix and match the right. Here are

  1. In order not to look like a flag, you can mix red pants, white blazer and black shirt as deep.


Enter other colors in addition, namely red pants, white blazer and black underwear.

  1. Bored just like a regular red blazer? Cape blazer can you try.


Wear a white jumpsuit as your basic outfit, blending it with a dark red cape blazer will make you look classy

  1. Red and white floral subordinates are worth to try.


For you who are wearing shirts, tops of shirts and skirts of this size can still be tried,

  1. If you do not want his subordinates the flowers, his shirt only. Wear jeans also let more beautiful and simple.


Red flower shirt with white and red dominance is for example.

  1. To go to a party, Wear a red suit, white and a dappled blazer.


Not only the girls were unlabelled, he who was veiled was very able to wear this red and white clothing.

  1. To add polite, replace your favorite pants with a long red skirt that is slicked with a belt.


You simply use the ‘innocence’ of your long skirt with a shirt, blazer or other boss dominated by a slightly patterned or even plain white color.

  1. Back to the old days, that white color will be very interesting if combined with maroon.


This mix of white and maroon mixes and matches will take you to a classic period, where these two colors are a matching pair. Berhijab can wear this unified frontier.

  1. It’s time time for yourself to look cool with red and white patterned fabrics at once.


Look for ready made clothes or fabrics that already contain red and white.

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