8 Fashions of Kimono, Japan Typical Clothes

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Now kimono begin to transform into clothes that suits anyone and anytime. Even paired with some kind of fashion item is also deserved. Various women in the world can apply it with a more relaxed design. Kimono is usually used as an outcome.

  1. No need to wait for the celebration to wear the nuances of Japanese customs. Use this outcome to hang out with friends. Match with t-shirts and pencil skirts for casual impression


Use plain colored underwear only. Then add high shoes or boots as footwear.

  1. Fashion style jeans and T-shirts are no longer mainstream if you wear outer kinomo responsibility of cotton as a variation


Choose a matching kimono color variant to be more coherent with your jeans.

  1. Outer kimono not only kudu patterned bright and festive, lace fabric can also be a mainstay to look fun anytime


Choose a soft color cloth then make a short kimono with the arm is not too long.

  1. You do not have to be afraid to combine dress with stripes outer kimono shirt that you have, this way just make your appearance look different


Use a striped dress and add a brightly colored outer kimono as a chic alloy. In order for your body look taller and slimmer, use high heels or wedges.

  1. The combination of Japanese and Indonesian culture can be emanated from the outer kimono of batik cloth that you wear


Use small flower motifs, unique and soft.

  1. You who wear headscarves need not hesitate to use outer kimono long patterned monochrome. Gamis plain as a couple also beautify the appearance


Choose a long kimono outer with modern monochrome motifs. Pair it with a canal or robe and use the kimono as an outlet.

  1. While wearing the hijab,you can wear songket motif to look more quirky Indonesian


Choose outer with songket only. Choose a knee length and a short stretch. Then wear it with a pair of t-shirts and pants.

  1. Plain kimono is more easy to mix and match


For hijabers, you can use it with channel A line. While you are not hijabers can also combine it with jeans and T-shirts.

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