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44 Cute Hipster Outfits for Girls

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Hipster style has had a pretty massive impact on pop culture, street style, and the world of fashion at large. Everything from purposely distressed clothing to statement sweatshirts and Birkenstocks  has made its way into the chicest of circles. Distressed jeans, especially those featuring frayed hems, light rips or full-on blown-out knees are a fashion girl’s go-to for laid-back style. And for the shoes, go for a tough motorcycle-inspired boots that will lend you an edgy vibe.

When talking about the hipster print of choice, a plaid one is should be. Just incorporate the cozy print into everything. And for the accessories, this effortless style is known for a cozy, oversize scarves and throwback wayfarer sunglasses.  See these 44 cute hipster outfits for girls below to inspire you.

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