Ideas for trendy and beautify your almond-shaped nails 24

45 Ideas for Trendy and Beautify your Almond-shaped Nails

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Applying nail art is the right way to beautify nails. You should try graded nail polish. How to apply it is very easy. You only need to look for white and clear nail polish then combine. In addition to designing nail polish by choosing matching colors and patterns, you can choose polka dot and glitter designs on nails with a beige base color.

Decorate nails with various colors such as bright, dark, pink, silver and dark gray. You can also decorate nails with various decorations and other models. Apply golden glitter and other nail motifs. Another nail art idea is metallic color. Choose metallic nail polish like purple, rose gold, black, or dark gray. With this color, your nails will look luxurious and modern.

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