Chic and comfortable sweater and skirt combos 48

50 Chic And Comfortable Sweater And Skirt Combos

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For those of you who have lots of activities, you must have started to get confused with the cool outfit you want to wear. It is time to take out your sweater collection. Combine inner sweaters and collared shirts. Pair with high boots or favorite shoes with socks above your knees. Skater skirts are always suitable when combined with sweaters. Choose plain sweater so you don not get confused in combining with a skirt. For casual style, choose sneakers or flat shoes.

If you have an over size sweater, you can wear it as a dress. If you are not confident, wear black stockings. Choose flat, platform, or chunky sandals for a different impression when wearing them. Cropped sweaters can be combined with high waist skirts.

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