Newest acrylic nail designs ideas to try this year 47

52 Newest Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas To Try This Year

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To achieve a longer-looking and stronger-feeling nails in a quick ways, acrylics are still become the most well known ways to achieve it, but many people are doubting to wear it because the bad rap due to ongoing concern about damage to the nail, risk of infection and easy breakage. But actually, the problem itself lies in the way the user applied and removed. Unsanitary tools, files and prep and cutting corners will all lead to bacterial problems and weakened, dented, or even broken nails. The Dermatologist in British recently warned that the methacrylate chemicals found in acrylic and gel polished could cause an allergic, itchy rash to occur the body, that is why, you need to book in with someone who has both qualifications and experience.

Before applying acrylics, make sure that the tools being used and clean to decrease the risk of infection. Also consider to invest in a good cuticle oil to prevent you nail from drying out. When removing the acrylics, saturate a lint free pad in acetone, placing the pad on the nail and wrapping it in foil. This tool-free removal is better than using a metal tool or an orange stick so it won’t damage your nail plate. So now, if you know the basic information about acrylic nails and decided to wear it, check out these 52 newest acrylic nail designs ideas to try this year below to inspire you.

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