20 Fashionable School Bags for Cool Teens

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When the school holidays are over, someone will prepare all the school equipment from books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and others. But, there is one item that is no less important for someone who is going to school, it is a bag. Bag is a necessity that must be owned by someone. Bags are used to carry important items that are useful for lessons at school. It doesn’t feel complete if you go to school without carrying a school bag. Therefore, preparing school bags must be done by everyone.

Nowadays, a lot of bag designs are sold at school equipment shop. Many forms of school bags but there is one type of bag that is suitable for teenage girls and boys. That is a backpack. The shape of backpack also varies. It all depends on the needs that will use it. With backpacks, someone will be cool because of these fashionable bags. Look at a few pictures below, which are fashionable school bags for teenage girls and boys. Let’s see it!

Teenage Girls

Best fashionable school bag for teen girls with lola escapist large backpack you must try

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Best school bag for teen girls with striped pattern and flexible to store your laptop

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Cute fashionable Adidas school bag for teen girls with pink color you must try
Fashionable school bag for teen girls with j.crew girls’ gold star mini backpack

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Fashionable school bag for teen girls with geometric pattern and blue color to look cute
Kenox canvas school backpack for teenage girls to add your confidence
Simple fashionable denim school bags for teen girls to look casual
Cute school bag for teen girls with polka dot pattern on pink and back color

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School Bag for Cool Teenage girls with cactus pattern on your back pack

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School Bag for Cool Teenage girls with grey backpack and shoe hanger for your accessori

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Teenage Boys

Best school bag for teenage boys with nylon school bags that waterproof and comfortable to use
Cool school bag for teenage boys with anime luminous shoulder bag
Trendymax galaxy school bag backpack for teenage boys to look cool

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Best backpack for elementary school with lego motif for your boys
Best bag for cool teenage boys with black backpack and leather strap on front
Black and grey school backpack for teenage boy with lots of pockets to store several things
Cool school bag for teenage boys with camo print backpack that comfortable to use
Grey backpack is one of the favorite color for teenage boys to look cool
Simple black backpack for school teenage boys to look casual
Simple best black backpack for school to look casual you must try

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From the pictures above, you can know that fashionable school bags consist of various designs as explained above. For teenage girls, bag design is cute and has a pretty motif. The colors were also bright and eye-catching colors. As for teenage boys, the bag design is more dominant in black or plain without a motive. But there are still bags for boys who use motifs.

It can be concluded that the fashionable school bag can be chosen based on the gender of the person who wears it. Someone will have different tastes. Therefore, it would be better if you choose a bag according to your wants and your needs. Also pay attention to the material and stitches of the bag that you will choose. Make sure the material and stitches are strong and not easily torn. Happy choosing!

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