21 Latest Bag Trend in Micro and Mini Size

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Discover the latest uniqueness of a mini-sized bag. A micro bag that interprets modernity and is iconic of all time. Mini bags or micro bags really make amazed for fashion lovers. It has a mini shape, even almost as big as a wallet but has a strap. Some famous fashion brands such as Dior, Fendi, Hermes, Channel, etc., have released this product. The trend was immediately greeted with enthusiasm by fashion lovers. There are several variations of shapes or models that you can try.

You can wear this bag as a clutch or handbag at night with a combination of elegant dresses, or just use the long strap to spend the afternoon until the afternoon. There are several models of micro bags that you can try, starting from crossbody or strap, handbag, and backpack. To enhance your appearance, you can choose a beautiful latest bag trend with black micro and mini crocodile leather bags that are decorated with a mini gold chain.

Black Micro and Mini Bag

A beautiful latest bag trend with black micro and mini crocodile leather bag that decorated with mini gold chain. This mini bag is a very cute to add your bag collection.
A creative bag with patent black micro and mini waist bag to complete your look. With fabric material, this bag will compliment your style wherever you are.
A wonderful latest bag trend with black micro and mini classic bag that has unique texture to make your style more stylish.
An attractive latest bag trend with black micro and mini crocodile leather bag to complete your look with this mini bag. With exclusive material and cute shape this bag will improve your style more elegant.
An awesome latest bag trend in micro and mini size with black rectangle croc bag. Adding a mini handle this micro mini bag is surely gives you a chic look.
An exciting latest bag trend with black micro and mini sling bag. This bag is so simple and suitable to be worn in any occasions.
An impressive latest bag trend with mini leather shoulder bag. It is a must-have item for your weekend accessory collection to complete your casual look.

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Colorful Micro and Mini Bag

A captivating latest bag trend with pink micro mini bag that featuring a fuchsia croc material with a mini chain design, super cute for a feminine touch.
A fabulous latest bag trend with neon lime micro and mini bag featuring lime leather material. Adding versatile a chain cords to make this bag more elegant.
A perfect latest bag trend with silver mini and micro croc hand bag that match to pair with jeans and a nice top for the ultimate look.
An elegant latest bag trend with lilac micro and mini croc hand bag. This bag has a mini strap handle too to make your look more elegant.
A fantastic latest bag trend with fendi micro bag that match to complete your casual look. It is the best mini bag that should you have.
A gorgeous latest bag trend with orange micro and mini bag to complete your office look.
An extraordinary latest bag trend with yellow micro and mini bag. This bag is so small that make it easy for you to carry.

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Printed Micro and Mini Bag

A comfortable latest bag trend with leopard printed micro and mini bag. This mini bag has small handle and chain strap to make more elegant.
A fabulous latest bag trend with leopard PU micro and mini baguette bag. This baguette bag is surely to update your outfit this season. Featuring a leopard print PU material with a mini handle and a baguette design.
A magnificent latest bag trend with green snake micro mini bag. This bag is so elegant and has a high value to improve your style.
A stunning latest bag trend with blue micro mini snake print bag. We are obsessing with over all thing about snake printed in this season and this bag has represented.
An adorable latest bag trend with black micro mini snake leather bag. Featuring a black snake print material with a mini handle, it will increase your style instantly.
An incredible latest bag trend with green lime snake print micro and mini bag that match with your high heel color for simple look.
An interesting latest bag trend with this micro mini bag is surely will gives you a bold style. Featuring python print material and mini micro design makes your style will peak and never bored.

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Not only black but other colors are also found in this micro bag. If you want to look feminine and girly you can choose a bag-shaped micro bag with pink. This bag is made of fuchsia croc material with mini gold chain decoration, super cute for a feminine touch. For those of you who want to look casual and use this bag to hang out with friends, a neon lime micro bag is suitable for you to wear. This mini bag has a long chain that can be used as a sling bag.

Other motifs or colors that can be used as your recommendation in choosing a mini bag are leopard printed, green snake, blue snake printed, etc. The colorful mini bags give a bold and eye-catching impression. The impression of fashionable and super-cute can also be obtained if you use this bag. The choice of a mini bag that you can choose is a micro-mini bag featuring white python print material. This model surely gives you a bold style.

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