10 Couple Halloween Costume Ideas to Look Impressive with Your Mate

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To have couple Halloween costume with your mate is really great. You can look unified with your mate which is really fun. Go to the Halloween party and get the others attention with your adorable costume. As long as you can manage the costume to make both of you and your mate comfortable, all will be awesome because in couple costume the things won’t be only about you but also your mate.

For the kinds of the costume, you can try to adapt some figures look from the scary one to the cute one. Even Halloween impression will be in scary look, it is still ok! for you to wear something cute that is added with some other touches to make it appropriate for the Halloween party. Look at the following pictures as your references to get the inspiration for your costume this year.


Let’s face it, this is an easy Halloween couple costume. With a red jacket, red denim pants and combined light blue dresses and black shoes, this will be a beautiful couple costume in Halloween this year.


There are so many styles for Halloween costume that you can copy, and one of them is from The Lord of the Ring movie figures that are styled in a black robe and a very attractive gray dress. This outfit usually easy to find but require more funding.


So here’s a fun thing for your choice in dressing up for your Halloween celebration this year. You can wear colorful outfit, black shoes, and red shirts to achieve the Joker and Herly Queen look which is very proper for the Halloween theme. It makes you look like a very cool couple.


If you want a more modern Halloween costume idea this year, then you should look at the style of the street style or Harley community style with black jackets, denim pants and short black dresses. That style makes you look fierce and scary according to Halloween.


The costume itself is actually very simple but this harry potter outfit is very cool. With the same scarf and black blazer, pants for man, black miniskirt for woman, and black shoes, this outfit is very great and simple but can be really proper for Halloween this year.


According to this season, the theme of the Tinkerbell movie can be used in Halloween this year. With a green dress for the Tinkerbell, the shirt and pants that are combined with green shoes would be great for Terence. Tinkerbell and Terence costume are very unique and cute for Halloween this year.


If you are looking for a modern Halloween costume with a skull theme, dress up in black color dress with white flower pattern to add beauty for woman and black suit and black pants for man. With this costume, you will attract the attention of those who see.

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Basically Halloween clothes don’t have to be too scary, you can even make it unique as long as you wear the proper costume. This costume will be an example with black suit and black pants that are coupled with an extraordinary short white dress. Although a little bit scary but this style is very special because the makeup is managed to be half only.


This costume is really great for your spooky Halloween theme. With colorful shirts, mini black skirts combined with black striped shirts, black pants and scary makeup, all will be in good harmony. This scary clothes, will make you look cool.


This Halloween costume is really simple yet very appropriate to wear. With a black outfit and white bone pattern will be in harmony for your Halloween couple costume this year. Here the heart sign can make your scary costume looks cute.

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Beside for the costume, what you should consider for the couple Halloween is on the makeup. Basically you can imitate the real makeup look from the figure that you adapt. Anyway, if you want to look more stand out and really go into the event, you can modify the makeup so that could be look a little bit more scary. Just use your imagination to create your own scary makeup look.

Don’t forget with the other additional accessories if you want to get the more stand out look. It could be on the shoes, headgear, hair pin, or others. Whatever the costume that you want to choose for your Halloween party, just make sure that you can get the comfort while wearing it because your costume will give you troublesome if you are not comfort with the costume.

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