9 Fabulous Women Christmas Outfit in Red Color

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Red will be the main color of Christmas, that is why to have this color for your Christmas outfit will be really match and proper to create your fabulous look. You can combine the red color with other colors that are also indicate the Christmas event. Choose white, green, or black color where those three colors will really work well to be combined with red color for your Christmas outfit.

For the style you can choose just anything you want. You can have the chic or feminine look by wearing skirts or dresses. However, if you love something casual, just simply wear trousers because it can still be suitable for your Christmas outfit as long as you can combine it with certain top wears that have courteous look since Christmas is a holy celebration where you should adjust your look with the event well.

Red Blazer and Jeans

This simple red blazer can also be one of your outfit choice for Christmas. This red blazer will have a great harmony by combining it with black jeans and white striped shirts. Those three colors combination are really match with Christmas theme.


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Red Blouse

This simple red blouse is suitable for you to use in Christmas season. With white polka dot pattern on the chest and arms parts, this blouse really get its Christmas impression. You can wear this blouse for your daily outfit or for attending semi-formal Christmas events.Just simply combine it with any type of pants to suit your comfort.


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Red Coat

This red coat is perfect for the current Christmas season. You can wear it for your Christmas events since it has wool material that will surely able to warm your body. Combine it with black leggings to get the match pair then wear your heels ankle boot.


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Red Long Dress

This red long dress will be suitable for your formal Christmas events. This sleeveless long dress with lace on the chest will really beautify your look. If you want to have an extra look to be more stand out around the other guests, you can adjust your hair style, makeup, and jewelries.


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Red Long Skirt

This red long pleated skirt is really fashionable and worthy to be your Christmas outfit. Combined it with red long plaid shirt that will really match with the skirt. This outfit is an inspiration for your chic yet casual Christmas style of clothing which is really cool and trendy.


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Red Short Dress

Short dress will also appropriate for your Christmas outfit as long as you can choose the one that won’t make you cold. This dress will be the one that you can choose. The dress has a full floral lacy pattern that makes it attractive. This dress is also quite warm to wear for your Christmas celebration this season.


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Red Skirt and White Top

Red skirt combined with white top for your Christmas outfit will be really simple yet awesome because the true Christmas season’s dominant colors will be red and white. The leather material of the skirt will give you the extra look. Add the leather heels boot to give your style a harmony.


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Red Sweater

A simple red knit sweater with a unique Christmas-themed motif is unique and really suitable for your Christmas outfit. Moreover, it is also able to give you warm during the celebration. Give additional ornament into your sweater to make it looks extra. The Santa cap will works well for your outfit.


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Red Trousers

Red trousers to be your bottom outfit that can be mixed with black blazer and blouse for your glorious style. You can wear it during the winter, especially for your Christmas event. With leopard patterned scarf for your additional wear, you will get the warm and style at once.


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For the Casual look, you can wear t-shirt but remember that you should have the courteous look so that you should add it with layering clothes. Blazer will be great, but if you don’t have it you can have cardigan, coat, or other layering clothes. Blouse will be great especially if you can have it in red one. To wear sweater is also allowed. You can have it with Christmas theme that will be really cute and adorable.

For the feminine and chic look, you can wear skirts that you can combine with blouse or shirt. It will be absolutely appropriate. For the dresses, you can have it in long or short but make sure that you can keep your body warm with your dress. If you think the weather is too cold, then just have the long sleeve one. Don’t give yourself trouble with the outfit that can’t keep your body warm.

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