As a kind of outfit, blazer is really popular around business women. It is really useful and can help you to have a proper and formal look directly. Here, no matter how casual or inappropriate your outfit you will always safe as long as you have your blazer near.

Outfits that have a street style theme are often the choice of dress for girls. Besides being simpler, this style can also make you look more chic and sporty. With these advantages, no wonder this style is most often chosen for daily activities.

Nails are one part of a woman’s body that is often enhanced with a variety of colors and accessories. Lately, nail makeup or more commonly known as nail arts has the latest trends. It is familiar for pastel and glitters.

Besides its function to warm the neck, a scarf can also be useful for accessories. In fact, with a scarf, your appearance looks more leverage. The specialty of the scarf is suitable for all clothing models. You must be creative in determining the models and motifs.

It is no doubted that polka dot is the timeless pattern in women’s outfit where you can find this kind of pattern clothing since a very long time ago. Even though it is such an old fashion style but it still have its charm so that it is still loved by women in this era.

Plus size clothing or better known as oversized clothing is now also a trend among women and designers. Since fashion is for everyone so that here you will find on how great the plus size outfit works for women.

White leg trousers are something that loved by women because of some benefits which are really awesome. The first benefit is that it is really comfortable because of the size where your leg can have enough space.

Tweed is the clothing material that commonly used to make jacket or blazer. It is really loved because the material is quite warm and really stylish with its different pattern.

To create Bohemian look you should consider the wear from top to toe. It covers from the headgear to the footwear. You may will focus on the clothing but the accessories take important role when it comes to Bohemian look. Even sometimes the accessories can give you the identity of Bohemian look without wearing the outfit with Bohemian characteristic.

If you want to have different style to adopt for your days outfits, puffy shoulder style offers what you dream about. Getting the inspiration from any princess cartoon characters hat we watch, this style becomes famous since years. This puffy shoulder style also gives a certain touch for women’s fashion world.

For any reasons, knit wears are usually worn in cold weather as days wears. Knit dress, sweater, hat, scarf, and many more are some of knit wears that we often find. Both formal or informal occasion will be nice if you choose knit wears as your outfits of the day.

Retro style is something that being loved again by people these days. The vintage touch of this style becomes its own attraction that can make people interesting to wear it. The unique impression of it that can make the one who wear it feels like going back to the before century that bring the history and being graceful of it.

Even if fashion has grown so widely and comes with so many different variety of styles, jumpsuit will never be left and always suitable enough to be worn in this era. Jumpsuit with its own special and unique cut becomes something timeless as you don’t need to be worried to look out of style when wearing it.

Striped outfit is clothing with motifs in the form of vertical or horizontal striped. Plus size women are usually not confident in wearing these striped clothes. The reason is, using striped motifs can make the body look even bigger. Though it is not always true. Nowadays many women use striped outfit with a variety of design for their daily needs. Like some pictures below. Let’s see.

Wearing a skirt for women make them look more feminine and confident. They can have a skirt combination to go in any season and months. One of the outstanding and trendy skirts is denim skirt. This kind of skirt is versatile and easy combined with other outfits. If you are keen on wearing skirt, you can have a denim skirt as your option for any events.