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In fashion, wide leg pants come and go to become a trend. Because of its design, wide leg pants will always be comfortable to wear on all occasions. The problem is, sometimes wide leg pants can make a fat impression on you if you can’t find the right pair ofit. So, what should you do so that you look much slimmer while wearing wide leg pants? Just check some ways below.

Nowadays, shirtdress is a trend because it’s simple and also comfy to wear. That’s why, shirtdress always stays in fashion. Besides, the collar of shirtdress is also suitable as the outfit for work to have an office look. So far, shirtdress is perfect to be combined with beautiful highheels. Just let us share the pictures for you to know the style ideas of it.

Besides hair, nails also need a beautiful coloring to support your appearance. Your tapering fingers will look sweet and adorable when they are in color and flowery motifs. Glossy grape red, floral nail art or nude color you can apply to your nails. Surely, the color you can customize with your personality.

Dress always stays in fashion, especially floral dress. Most of women love wearing dress to have a pretty look. There are many designs of floral dresses which is trend right now, for example is floral layered dresses. In this post, you’ll find some pictures of floral layered dresses that maybe inspired you to collect them in your wardrobe. Let’s check it out!

As a beautiful bride and become the center of attention in your big day is the most precious moment. One of efforts you can do is by wearing your best wedding dress to have a beautiful look. Nowdays, plain wedding dresses are nice to have chic and simple style on your special day. If you love to have a princess look there is A-Line or ballgown wedding dress. There are also sheath and mermaid style to show your body shape. Just check the styles below.

What do you usually do on weekend? Surely, there are many fun things you can enjoy, for instance having fun with friends or going to beach. Still, if you just want to stay at home, you can do something to distract your boring time. For example, creating crafts that easy to make. So, you may need creative ideas in this week. Beach Cover The first craft idea you can make is a beach cover. This pattern is easy to follow and useful to wear when you go to the beach. The materials you need are fabric, scissor, thread and needle to sew it to become a beautiful beach cover. Written Mug If you have one or more plain mugs, you can paint them with beautiful colors or write it with inspirational words with a permanent marker. This is very simple and fun idea to do. Painted Glass The next idea…

Are you excited about the summer holiday? For most of girls it’s time to sunbathe and get tan to spend fun holiday. Talking about summer, stay stylish is a need to enjoy your day outside. Wearing outrageously pretty summer dresses in this season is nice. For comfort, you may need to wear comfortable dress to help yourself.

Chino has become a part of men in fashion. The material is made of cotton twill is very comfortable to wear as formal or casual outfit. Especially to wear when you are outside in summer. For the season, its existence can be one of the outfit alternatives to subtitute jeans.  Here are some ideas in wearing chinos to have a gorgeous and dashing look for men.

Recent, ruffle sleeve blouse is trendy design in fashion. The layer design is varied, there are long and some are short like flower’s petals. To have a stylish look, you can combine ruffle sleeve tops with skirts or jeans. Fit combination will create a lovely appearance on you. White Ruffle Top with Black Trousers It can be said that white and black are perfect neutral color combinations to apply for outfit. It’s fit for casual and also for work outfit. Short Ruffle Sleeve with White Skirt If you are a tiny girl, the combination of the bloom ruffle is nice to wear. Just pair it with matching skirt color to have a nice look. Dot Ruffle Top with Buttons Mini Skirt To have girly impression on you, dot ruffle with buttons mini skirt is pretty. White Ruffle Blouse with Pencil Jeans Enjoying leisure time outside is nice to do in…

Lob is a bob hairstyle that the lenght is longer than traditional bob. It can be said that lob hairstyle is not too long and also not too short. As you recently see many girls who like to go to their hair styler to request this hairstyle. So, if you are also interested, make sure it will fit your face shape to have nice result that you will love rightaway. Maybe some of the pictures below are for you.

For most of women long legs are the part of beauty. Long legs can make you look taller. It seems a need to make you more confident in doing activity outside. To look taller, it can be said that proper outfit is the key. Actually, there are some effort that can be done to look taller.Here are several things you can do, especially if you are a short.

To look fashionable for plus size is not difficult to have when you find perfect outfit. It’s because the perfect size is comfortable to wear and make you more confident. You can wear your favorite outfit  such as jumpsuits, skirts, or jeans with your favorite color. Don’t hesitate to apply bright color as one of the efforts to look chick and stylish. Here, you’ll find some tips and ideas to look fashionable.

In working or running a business, proper work outfit is an important thing to support you. Especially for women, work outfit doesn’t only make you comfortable in doing activities but also improve your look. When you’re confident with your look, it’s good  for your performance in work. To look formal but stylish you can choose white pants because it will be very easy to combine with any color blouse or cardigan. Here, you’ll find the ideas.

Prom night! What do you think when you hear that prom night is going to be held in your school soon? For you girls, you all might think about the dresses, makeup, and delight dance party. Here, you can get some glamour-boasting makeup ideas but simple and easy to apply by yourself. Let’s check the ideas below!