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Every women strives to look attractive and good any time, everywhere, especially during her maternity. But sometimes it is difficult to keep looking good and trendy due to the changing curves. But worry not, you still can look fashionable with maternity fashion. When choosing the outfit during your pregnancy, the key is comfortable and looking amazing at the same time. If you are getting ready for a baby shower and hesitate on what to wear, check out these 9 adorable baby shower outfits for moms-to-be below.

Boho style describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, and natural-looking hair and makeup. The phrase became popular in 2002 and still popular style right now. as for the clothing, choose clothing in natural tones and fabrics; cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather, suede and fur. An accessories is also a must for this style. Say yes to lace, crochet and other embellishments, bags, and also hat. If you want to add a boho vibe to your look but not too boho, check out these 9 boho hats to rock all year long below.

Maxi dress is become more and more popular lately, especially for summer outfit. It is not only to wear in the evening but in everyday life, too. From a leisure outfit into a formal one, you still can wear this maxi dress. You can pair it with sneakers, pair it with a denim jacket, or simply add a belt to accentuate your small waist. Don’t be afraid to wear maxi dress no matter what your height is. Check out these summer maxi dresses for every height imaginable below.

There are a lot of mixed thoughts and emotions you may experience before getting your first tattoo. You may feel excited, happy, impatient, and even a little nervous. To get your first tattoo experience run smoothly, don’t rush. Research the shop by read the online review and visit in person to check out the health standards, clientele, and the tattoo artists.

It is also important to make sure that you feel comfortable in the shop. Make a research of the design ideas ahead of time. Come in with as much reference material necessary to deliver an articulate description for your tattoo. If you like small tattoo idea, then you are go in the right place. Check out these small tattoo ideas to copy copy right now below.

If you are born with blue eyes, it is mean that you are one of those lucky women. Makeup tutorial for blue eyes are not as tricky as you may think. It is because blue eyes are already speak volumes on their own. So, putting colors on your lids is not always necessary. Here are some makeup look for blue eyes to make your blue eyes shine and sparkle.

Skinny fit suits will always make a great impression, especially on your wedding day. It is a classic style that comeback to spice up your look. The best skinny suit for you is the one that the seam connecting the body of your suit to your sleeves should fall along your shoulder. Your suit is also should fall to the curve or your buttocks, and when your arms are down beside you, you should be able to cup the side of your suit jacket. Most Suits require a fists worth of room between you and the jacket. Most of skinny suits have only one or two buttons to make sure that your waist is nipped in as much as possible without the suit straining against your chest. Check out these best wedding skinny suits to inspire you below. Blue Mini Check Skinny Suit This suit is designed to create a…

Bohemian style is the mix of old and new pieces of fashion and put them together to create the look. This style is can be easily composed together and will give you a completely different look. Consider to keep styles loose, lightweight and unstructured. Do not aim for a look that’s relaxed and expressive with vintage and artisan details. Consider to always add some pattern and remember that wearing an accessories is a must. Take a look at these bohemian style for men to copy below. Winter in Bohemian Style Bohemian winter is easy if you pick the right one. For example, you can wear a light colored sweater with khaki pants. Rustic Bohemian Look for Work This style is perfect for men with medium toned bodies. Wear khaki pants with a triple layer of shirt, waistcoat and a jacket. Choose a shirt with different color with the waistcoat and…

Bob haircut was considered a bold sign of independence and modernity in the 1910s and 20s. But it has been evolved from being an act of rebellion to be one of the most popular haircuts in the world. It has been the go-to look for independent, outspoken, forward thinking women who had better things to do than let their hairstyle dictate their sexuality or femininity. And 2018 is the time to embrace a bob hairstyle for women. To inspire you, we rounded some bob hairstyle that is on a trend in 2018. Classic Bob If you have a triangle-shaped faces, classic bob is super sleek and really flattering your look. Flat Bob Flat bob is always recommended for you who want to get a flawlessly straight look. Be sure to select an iron with one to two inch-sized plates and try to never go in without a heat protectant to…

Spring is coming, be sure to look pretty during spring. You can try to wear pastels color and feminine floral to get the best spring look. We have round up some outfit ideas with pastel color below to inspire your spring look. Weather you are planning to brunch with family and friends, or just chill for the holiday, pastel color is never go wrong. Don’t forget to pair in some easy denim style pieces to balance your look. Pastel Feminine Look SOURCE If the weather is a bit cold, add a lightweight trench pair with pastel color ruffled and add a simple accessories to complete your feminine look. You can wear this outfit for formal event or even to go to the church. Comfortable Yet Stylish Outfit SOURCE Try to pair a pastel Pants with denim jacket and sneakers that is perfect option to go around in style. Spring Picnic…

Midi skirt is very versatile, comfortable and ideal in any weather; hot, warm, and even chilly days. No matter what your body shape is, midi skirt is a very great way to show your body and legs a bit more. We hope that you will be inspired and one of it can catch your attention.

Easter is coming and you need some inspiration to look beautiful and stylish that are suitable to go to church and also family gathering. This is the perfect time to wear something girly, something with feminine pastel colors, and floral patterns. Grey Dresses When you go to the church and wanted to wear skirt, wear a skirt that is long enough so you are not flashing people when you sit down. Casual Dresses This cute dress is also a great option for you. But do not wear anything that is clear or transparent; wear tank tops, tubes and undershirts. Cream Dress Try to combine your lace, cream dress, champagne pink accessories and heels just like the picture above to steal everyone’s attention. Floral Print Skirt This casual look is always in fashion and the floral print skirt gives a spring feel. Crochet Dress This blooming meadow crochet dress is so simple…

Teachers are one of the role models for their student. That is why a teacher should dress elegantly. As a teacher, you also need to consider an outfit that is stylish and make you feel comfortable to wear. All you need is some outfit inspiration to look best and comfortable during your teaching time.

Eye makeup is very important because it represent the entire character of anybody. Eyes are the most substantial and it classified as an entrance toward your heart and soul. Many women wish for gorgeous eyes to look more attractive, and eye makeup tend to make your eye look more beautiful.

Fashion is fun and this is the best way to put you style skills to create a look that we want, for example to dress up like a grown-up women. First of all, you need to know the basic style; from pairing back bold colors to smartly play with the proportions. It is so easy to do because there are so many styling trick that will help you to look perfectly just like a grown-up approach to dressing.

More than any other sneakers, Converse seem to complement every avenue of every personal style. Yes, they can go with everything. From casual denim looks to outfit that would work for a night on the town, converse proves us that they are okay not only with jeans and shirt. Check out these simple and charming outfit ideas with converse below to prove just how versatile they are.