Monday, December 17, 2018
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Vintage Looks to Bring Back This Summer

We all know that when it comes to fashion trends, what goes around comes around. So if you think that your summer style options are limited by current trends, you are totally mistaken. Borrow summer styles from the past century and update them to create a look that is uniquely you. The fashion trends from the ’20s to the ’80s have covered a wide range of territory indeed. There were some looks that are best just left in history and admired from afar. But there some that should be brought back into our closets and hearts.
Long hairstyles for men

9 Best Long Hairstyles for Men that Boosts Attractiveness

Don't hesitate to let your beautiful hair grow. Today, in an increasingly relaxed professional environment, and with the more options to look presentable, long...
Gothic fashion

10 Essential Items to Start Adopting Gothic Fashion Look

Gothic fashion is about pulling away from the mainstream aesthetics and venturing into the darker elements of style that will set you apart from...
Trendy midi skirts outfits to try

Trendy Midi Skirts Outfits to Try

Midi skirt is very versatile, comfortable and ideal in any weather; hot, warm, and even chilly days. No matter what your body shape is, midi skirt is a very great way to show your body and legs a bit more. We hope that you will be inspired and one of it can catch your attention.
Stylish church easter outfits for women to get ideas

Stylish Church Easter Outfits for Women to Get Ideas

Easter is coming and you need some inspiration to look beautiful and stylish that are suitable to go to church and also family gathering....

8 Must-Have Items Before You Turn 30

Make sure that many of you who are above 30 years old do not really pay attention to what's in your wardrobe, for that...

Mix and Match White Plain T-Shirt to Look Cool in The...

Plain white T-shirt, this one item is an essential wardrobe that must be owned by every man. Although very popular and commonly used as...
Outfit ideas for women who work as a teacher

Outfit Ideas For Women Who Work As A Teacher

Teachers are one of the role models for their student. That is why a teacher should dress elegantly. As a teacher, you also need to consider an outfit that is stylish and make you feel comfortable to wear. All you need is some outfit inspiration to look best and comfortable during your teaching time.

The Clothes Colors that Should Be Avoided by Dark-Skinned Women

Choosing clothes according to style and personality can indeed support the appearance. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the problem of...

Accessories for Men

Accessories are objects that support the appearance of clothes. Not only as a supportive look in style. Some also have functions as a protective...
8 stylish ways to wear a blazer for different occasions

8 Stylish Ways to Wear A Blazer for Different Occasions

A nice blazer is a staple in every girl's wardrobe. However, do you wear your blazers only for professional setting? Then you're clearly missing...
Job interview hairstyles

9 Best Job Interview Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

Going to a job interview always causes a nervousness. You want to present yourself in the best light possible, including through your appearance. Choosing...

Lob Hairstyles You Will Love Rightaway

Lob is a bob hairstyle that the lenght is longer than traditional bob. It can be said that lob hairstyle is not too long and also not too short. As you recently see many girls who like to go to their hair styler to request this hairstyle. So, if you are also interested, make sure it will fit your face shape to have nice result that you will love rightaway. Maybe some of the pictures below are for you.

Fashions that Should Be Avoided by Thin Men

Some people even consider thin people easier to choose the type of clothing. The assumption is not wrong, but it does not mean all...

Tips on Choosing Watches according to Skin Color and Hand Shape

Watches are one of the commonly used accessories to complement the appearance and also as a hint of time. But outside of that watch...